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What is Douglas Fir Tarot?

After 15 years of learning, practising and teaching the Tarot in various forms, in various places and to wildly varied audiences, I have assembled a breadth of knowledge and a strong personal ethic, which both mandate “doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.” 


Tarot is a tool for learning one’s self better; it is not a magic trick or an illusion. Douglas Fir Tarot has been cultivated to shoot right to the centre of why we approach Tarot in the first place. Instead of “what will happen next,” I take your hand and walk with you through the mire and confusion of why we are asking ourselves that question in the first place. 


Sometimes we think that what we are looking for is a simple answer to a simple question… but as the Tarot is a tool for gently holding all that life has thrown at us and giving us the means to turn and look at it through all of its facets, questions start tot evolve. Whether our significant other is going to break up with us - or when we are going to get that raise at work; or even still, whether illness or misfortune awaits us… those reveal greater questions. 


And those are the questions that Douglas Fir Tarot is concerned with. 


Instead of trying to concoct a prognostic date for that juicy raise, Douglas Fir Tarot takes us into the corners of our subconscious and holds a mirror to the secret motivations permeating the depths of our selves. 


Often, we discover depths we never imagined existed in the first place.


Walking away from such an encounter should serve to enlighten us and lighten our load. The One whom I follow said once for all eternity: “Come to me, all you who are wearer and laden and I will give you rest.” And through the medium of Douglas Fir Tarot, our main objective will always be rest and wholeness. 


 A reading with me will always end with another step along the Fool’s Journey and a greater understanding of all that lays behind, beside and ahead.


With the Divine (God, Father, Spirit, Guides, etc.) as my guiding principle and eternal companion, Douglas Fir Tarot has grown to offer a gentle and wholesome approach to fortune telling. To learn more about the objectives, guidelines and tenants of Douglas Fir Tarot, please continue reading through this website, as well as through My Story to better understand my aim as a Tarot reader. 


With further questions regarding myself, my services, my rates, my philosophy - with anything at all - please do not hesitate to contact me via the Contact Form. I look forward to answering your questions, NO STRINGS ATTACHED. 


Sincerely, yours, etc., 



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