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Douglas Fir Tarot.HEIC


As an experienced and professional Tarot Reader, I look forward to doing open and honest business in order to make your upcoming event an absolute success. Please read the following conditions thoroughly before reaching out via the Contact Form. May I point out that our prices are very competitive and therefore nonnegotiable except at the discretion of the Reader.  


Because of the fluid nature of events and the unexpected turns that often come upon us, no booking for any event will be possible without at least one of the following: 


1. An in-person meeting to discuss practical and logistical measures, such as - but not limited to - placement, volume, parking, tipping, etc.. This incurs no cost (naturally) and is no guarantee of booking. 


2. A Skype/FaceTime/Zoom meeting to discuss the aforementioned topics among others. 


Naturally, there are some things to consider before reaching out to begin planning for your upcoming event. I will want to know: 


1. The number of people attending. 

2. The expected duration of Tarot readings at said event. 

3. The geographical location of the event. 

4. The nature of the venue (rented indoor space; outdoor space)

5. The interior location of the readings; for instance: 

- on the outskirts of a larger, central room. 

- in a separate room. 

- at a central coffee table surrounded by guests. 


These factors will play an important role in managing expectations during the planning process. If I, for instance, were to read in a separate room, I would generally be prepared to bring along some additional bits. These might include a crystal ball, a black light, incense, candles, etc., which may not be completely appropriate or necessary for readings in busier, larger rooms.  


As a general rule, an advanced payment of a flat hourly rate will apply. 


55 minutes Read-Time + 5 minutes break (1 hour) = £120

*Minimum booking of 2 hours* 


Tipping is commonplace amongst clients of Tarot Readers. As in any industry, these contributions are not mandatory but very much appreciated. Options for collecting tips may be discussed prior to the event. 


Hours booked in which no clients/guests took advantage of the Reader’s services will not be refunded, except in circumstances deemed exceptional by the Reader. Example: 


1. The Reader has been booked for 5 hours. Guests/clients only utilised services for 3.5 hours. The remaining 1.5 hours are non-refundable or -transferable. 


2. The time was cut short by a medical emergency of the host or a guest which can be proven: refund of remaining balances may be discussed. 


Payment is required upon booking but is refundable up to 48 hours before the appointed time. Only in situations deemed extraordinary by the Reader do any exemptions apply.  


Please reach out via the Contact Form if you have any questions. I very much look forward to doing business with you. I look forward to any correspondences, NO STRINGS ATTACHED. 

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