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Preparing for a Reading

Getting ready for your Tarot reading is half the journey! 


As a matter of legal precaution, I urge you to read through the Ethics page. It is important to understand the legal framework that will guide your Tarot journey as well as the ethical and legal obligations that I - as a Reader - owe to you. 


Whether doing an online reading or booking me in-person,  it is always a good idea to take a few measures to make sure that you are focused, intent and ready to receive all that the Divine has for you. 

As a general rule, I am absolutely willing to travel to your home or other establishment, wherever you will feel the most comfortable. Some people may feel a bit trepidatious inviting a stranger into their house or giving out their address, and this is completely understandable! If you aren't sure about location, feel free to contact me via the Contact Form. I am always glad to accommodate in any way that I can.  


Anyone can show up and shoot off questions - and indeed some do prefer to do it this way - but because of the nature of a paid reading, it can help make the most of your time to do a little legwork before we meet (physically or through the digital ether). 


It all starts by taking the time to reflect on the query that you want to pose. For instance, the question that leaps into your mind might be “What does my significant other really think of me?” The issue with that formulation, however, is that I ethically cannot answer that question and that there is a much cheaper and more efficient method of finding out… you could ask them. 


Instead of imposing on another’s right to privacy, another - in my opinion - better example might be: “What can I learn through a reading about my relationship to my significant other?” Or “How do I handle insecurity in my relationship to my partner?” 


Those questions allow room for the Querent to reflect on their own internal struggles, successes or fears without projecting some difficult news onto her/his/their partner. 


It can be best to take a few minutes to just jot down some ideas of important topics that you want to touch on in your reading. As you go about your day or week, come back to that list every so often. Doing so allows you to strike some questions that you retrospectively realise aren’t that important after all. It also allows you to map your thoughts as you “hone in” on what you need in order to work towards wholeness and wellbeing. 


If you have a friendship or relationship in which you are free to discuss things like the Tarot - and that you are thinking of booking a reading - it can also be helpful to ask those people who know you best what you would most benefit from. This can pertain to practical daily tasks as well as emotional or spiritual questions. Doing this a few days before your reading and incorporating that aforementioned list can really help you approach the cards with clarity and intention. 


Get excited… but not nervous! A Tarot reading should feel like talking to an old friend or therapist, although it is important to note that I AM NOT A THERAPIST. 


Tarot - no matter how therapeutic - does not take the place of psychotherapy. In fact, there may be times where I gently suggest pursuing therapy while offering you any resources that I can. 


Know your limits. That applies to both of us. 


That said, the Tarot reading that you have coming will feel a lot like meeting a friend for coffee. On the one hand is the relief that comes with answers; on the other the excitement of sharing new thoughts and ideas. Think about it this way: I have spent 15 years practising, researching and preparing so that I can best offer you what Spirit wants to share through the Tarot. Depending on how you look at it, your reading has been at least 15 years in the making! 


That should be exciting. 


Something else to consider is how much information you want to share with me, the Reader. This is important, because a little professional distance can make or break the trust that you - at some point - just have to develop with any Reader. Some people only use a pseudonym (although I will say that these can be difficult to maintain). Some people might give me their first name and nothing else. As far as the reading goes, however, remember that I will need a little context for each query. This helps get the ball rolling and will help make things less awkward in the moment. 


Now, obviously, I will probably ask you some polite questions about your morning or the ride out before starting the timer. There will be a little back and forth in order to get acquainted and eventually I might ask about previous experience - if any - with the Tarot. I will go through the minimal paperwork (please refer to the Ethics page), and then usually dive right in. 


The above example should help demonstrate what I’m after. I don’t have to know your real name if you don’t want to share; in fact, I won’t know either way! When it comes to opening up and discussing what you want to know, a helpful comparison might be like going to a doctor. I will need enough information to know where to look and what symptoms to consider in diagnosing an illness or injury, but I don’t need to know that it happened on a Tuesday at 2 pm as a yellow cab drove by and ran a red light. 


Too much information can murky the waters… so keep it crystal clear! 


One last thing. Have. Fun! 


It’s not every day that you get to skirt the unknown and dip your toes into the world of the Divine. It can be thrilling to feel your Reader speak straight to the heart of an issue that you have never voiced before. It is empowering to walk away from a perfect stranger with knowledge and insight into an aspect of life that previously gave you nothing but grief. And the worst that can happen… you never do it again! At least, that’s what I’ve heard can happen. I wouldn’t know, of course. 


So please, as you get ready for your reading, keep an open mind. Also note that I retain the right to humbly refuse service at any time should I perceive unrealistic expectations or unprofessional behaviour from any client or inquirer. 


I am not here to scam you or curse you or scare you. I’m here for wellness and wholeness. That’s it. 


But if you do have any questions about any of the points mentioned above, please get in touch via the Contact Form! I don’t bite and would love to help you prepare for your reading. 




Please read through the Ethics page and thoroughly understand the legal and ethical framework of a paid Tarot reading. 


In order to best prepare for a reading, take the time to jot down some ideas as a list for revisiting late. Look this list over a few times before the reading begins and focus on the questions that - after review - haven’t fallen to the wayside. 


Think over the query that you have, and come up with questions that are formulated to what you want to know. Be specific but not overly informative. 


Ask someone close to you to help think of ideas of things that you might need to consider working on or that have been important to you for a long time. 


Get excited, but not nervous! Tarot readings are generally very pleasant - no matter how hard the news - and feel like talking to an old friend. 


Tarot might feel therapeutic, but I AM NOT A THERAPIST and Wellbeing Tarot cannot replace psychotherapy. In fact, I might gently and kindly suggest therapy if we reach a point where my abilities are at their limit. 


Readings are exciting! You get to put your ear up to the door of the Divine and gain insights into building a wholeness and wellness. I have been preparing for your reading for 15 years… so it really ought to be pretty good. 


Please keep an open mind and remember that I am not here take advantage of you. If I notice in our correspondences that you expect more from my services than I can deliver, I maintain the right to humbly refuse service. 


Please reach out if you would like clarity on anything mentioned here. This is best done via the Contact Form

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